Learning Under Lockdown


“Honestly, all I really yearn for is for structure. I miss having the seven-hour school day with two breaks in between.”


“At the beginning of lockdown we were excited! Just think about it: you wake up later than usual, you don’t have to dress in school uniform and don’t have to worry about how your hair looks, because nobody will see it. But through all these feelings came sadness. The thought of knowing that I won’t be able to meet up with my friends, hear the class clown create a hilarious scene, or listen to the teachers demanding to know why homework was not done — this really made me realise how much I have missed going to school.”


These are some of the responses in Learning Under Lockdown, a collection of about 400 essays selected from 640 submissions from learners around the country. Renowned educator Professor Jonathan Jansen and Fulbright Scholarship winner Emily O’Ryan of Stellenbosch University compiled the book when they realised that — worldwide — no-one was asking learners how they were coping in this extraordinary time.


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